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Relocation of Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works to Caverns

General odour control measures include:
Dosing of chemicals at upstream sewage pumping stations to suppress odour generation from sewage
Covering up of the source of odour, e.g. inlet works, primary sedimentation tanks and sludge treatment facilities to suppress odour emission
Installation of deodourising units to clean up the collected foul air
Dosing of chemicals at sludge treatment facilities to suppress odour generation from sludge
Inlet works
Cover screening, degritting, and flow measuring facilities
Primary sedimentation tanks
Cover the tanks and install deodourising units
Biotrickling filters deodourising units
Odour compound decomposed by micro-organisms
Activated carbon deodourising units
Odour compound adsorbed by activated carbon

Nearby Estate / Village Horizontal Distance from Ventilation Shaft (about)
Chevalier Garden 1250m
Kam Tai Court 1550m
A Kung Kok Fishermen Village 1000m
Tai Shui Hang Village 1450m
Mui Tsz Lam Village 1400m

Caverns as natural barriers are highly conducive to effective odour control. We will furthermore enclose all odour sources and provide de-odourisation facilities inside the caverns. The location of the cavern ventilation shaft has also been further optimized and shifted to a more remote spot.

Through the multi-barrier control measures, detailed EIA analysis indicates that the arrangement will not cause any perceivable odour. The maximum predicted odour level at any of the nearby residential areas / development (Chevalier Garden, Kam Tai Court, Mui Tsz Lam Village, A Kung Kok Fishermen Village, Tai Shui Hang Village, Shing Mun Springs, the Castello, Sha Tin Hospital, etc) will be less than one Odour Unit. This is far lower than the five Odour Unit limit stipulated in the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance.

The outlet of the ventilation shaft will be inconspicuous and landscaped to blend in with the surroundings of Nui Po Shan.

Caverns as natural barriers
We will conduct odour impact assessment for the relocated Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works. The assessment will recommend effective odour control measures and identify suitable ventilation shaft locations so as to mitigate the odour impact to the nearby community to meet the requirement of relevant standards.
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