Drainage Services Department

Site Specific 5G Network


Our Project: “Relocation of Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works to Caverns”, is the first construction site in Hong Kong to establish a site specific 5G network in tunnel under construction.

In order to break through the restriction of confined space environment in tunnel works to implement innovative technologies, the construction team brought in a site-specific 5G base station. With the advantages from 5G network of low latency, high-speed transmission, and high device capacity, together with the development and implementation of various innovative technologies, we can improve the efficiency of project management, construction safety and site progress monitoring. We can also accumulate large amount of valuable data for the future development of cavern projects in Hong Kong.

Our site is located in Ma On Shan, where 3.5GHz spectrum is solely for aircraft satellite channel. However, 3.5GHz is the common spectrum for 5G network. Therefore, we chose 4.9GHz spectrum to create a unique 5G network in Ma On Shan. Thanks to this site specific 5G network, the construction team can use the digitalized systems freely without the restriction of location and network speed, e.g. the DWSS system, Measure-While-Drilling system even 200m length inside tunnel, RFID system, electronic document management system and 3D Scanning, etc. It allows site staff to send and receive large amount of real time construction information at different locations, strengthens connection, avoids complicated paperwork, and achieves the goal of paperless office.

The blasting process monitoring apps solely developed by the construction team helps collecting real-time data of the blasting process for comparison and analysis, so as to optimize each process. When combined with the application of BIM, 5G network can help strengthen the performance of BIM, improve the constructability of construction projects, and save time and costs. Engineers can immediately grasp the actual situation in the tunnel, and then adjust the design and planning.

The high efficiency of 5G network also helps to monitor the real-time conditions of the tunnel. For example, immediately after blasting, an automated guided robotic car can go inside the tunnel to instantly transmit a full range of real-time high-definition images, to ensure tunnel safety before workers to enter into it. Furthermore, the real-time air monitoring device and UWB positioning watch are used separately to monitor the air, temperature, luminosity, gas and the health status of workers in the tunnel, as well as the safety of the location. In case of danger, an alarm will be issued immediately. It greatly improves construction efficiency and ensures the safety of workers.

As the project heats up and the construction site is deeper into the mountain, more blasting works will be implemented for cavern in the future. More innovative technologies are required to improve the construction management and ensure the safety of workers. In the future, there will be higher requirements for volume of data, the transmission speed and frequency. A stable and efficient 5G network is indeed an indispensable part of a safe and efficient construction site.



A BIM model was created before commencement of construction. This enable us to visualise the design and allow easier construction.


The CLC is constructed by Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) method to reduce construction time and space required. CLC was divided into 14 modules, each of them was prefabricated in factory with interior decoration and then transported to site for assembly.



The Computer Assisted Virtual Environment (CAVE) System provide an immersive 3D Virtual Reality (VR) Environment for visitor to experience the construction site environment with near-realty spatial sense. The CAVE also allows visitors to participate in our VR safety training to understand our dedication to safety.


Construction 3D Printing

To try out and demonstrate the state-of-the-art construction technology, the wall in the conference room is constructed by 3D printing method. 3D printing technology enable us to realise complicated design if constructed in traditional method and with less waste of materials.